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Road to Becoming a Macramé Master


When figuring out how to get started with macramé, many would find it overwhelming. Learning and mastering macramé can be a series of trial and error and it can take tying countless knots but the outcome can really be worth it all. When you finally get the hang of it, you can create stunningly beautiful…
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How to Choose the Right Macramé Rope for Your Next DIY Project?


In the beginning of your Macramé journey, one of the most important things to consider is the type of rope or cord that you will be using. While choosing the best rope for your macramé crafts depends mostly on your preference, you still have to be guided about the qualities of each type if you…
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7 of the Best Easy Wall Hanging Ideas on Pinterest


Looking for the best Easy Wall hanging ideas? Here, I’ve gathered 7 creative, cool Macrame Wall Hanging  ideas from Pinterest for your inspiration! 1. Super Easy Wall Hanging with Only 2 different Knots by Heylilahey This easy Wall Hanging only uses Square and Lark Heads Knots. Easy and fun to do!   2. Macrame Wall Hanging for…
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