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Life’s most precious moments are not all loud or uproarious. Silence and stillness has its own virtues.

~ Kilroy J Oldster

Hi! I am Catya,

My journey to macrame began soon after I had a series of leg surgeries. During that time I took up macrame to occupy myself and still my mind.

I started with plastic cords which I made into belts and soon progressed into baskets and more complicated patterns and pieces.

I soon became proficient at the art, enjoying the creativity and zen of the macrame process.

Over time I was inspired to learn a few more patterns, modify designs to suit my taste and make gifts for those I love.

Now I teach how to do macrame, and sell my own macrame supplies.



For me, macrame is a joy – an intimate, zen-like process which also acts as a form of mediation and self reflection.

I also suffer from social phobia and I find that macrame helps alleviate my symptoms, acting as a therapeutic exercise that helps me with mindfulness and relaxation.

In an world of busyness and distraction, I am drawn to the slow and enthralling process of this age-old craft.

My business, Stillness Crafts, is an invitation for you to join in the beauty of macrame and to find that inner peace yourself through self expression and creativity.

Stillness Crafts ~ the peace of self expression.